About Us

Kylie- Dancer

Welcome to Clarabels.com!

Being a dance parent myself, over the last 8 years I have acquired a lot of dance shoes. Some are gently worn and others are like new! But what to do with them? This has been a common issue for many dance families. Your little one discovers a love of dance or is a natural and now you have an abundance of used shoes…jazz…tap…ballet…lyrical…etc. Or, they hit a growth spurt but the shoes are in such good condition that it might be nice to get some money for them. Whatever the reason, this site is for you!

It was 1 year ago that I finally had the opportunity to focus on helping fellow dance parents like myself. I noticed that there was a need for easier access to a wide range of used shoes for all ages and there were just as many parents looking to sell their used shoes as ones looking to buy. Wouldn’t it be nice if another dancer could enjoy the shoes, especially if they still have lots of life left in them. This site was born out of a need to help each other out.

You can go to other classified sites (as I tried) but I found finding what I was looking for very challenging so I wanted to create something user friendly and specific to dance.

Not the style or size you’re looking for? No problem! Simply create a Wanted Ad, and when a user posts what you need, you will receive a notification letting you know. It’s that easy!

And now for the most important part…my inspiration for the name and logo. Meet Clarabel. My beloved jug (Jack Russell Pug mix). She was gracious enough to allow me to put a tutu and crown on her and pose for photos! It’s a memory of her I will cherish and with this site her memory lives on!

So please do yourself and other dance parents a favour…let them buy your used dance shoes!!